Healing Heart 

In these consultations I will support you in exploring any challenging emotions you are dealing with. Various strategies such as breathing techniques, meditation, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting will be used to process any past traumas and repressed emotions, as well as reduce stress and bring a sense of calm. At all times we will work with you heart's energy in order to obtain guidance from your inner wisdom.

You will discover:

  • Whether you are holding on to unresolved emotional pain that is blocking your health and happiness

  • The infinite wisdom that lies within you and how you can access it

  • The great sense of freedom that comes when you let go of resistance

You will receive:

  • Compassionate listening and care

  •  A deep understanding of how you reached a point of illness or imbalance

  • Practical guidance including breathing and meditation techniques

  • Support in releasing unresolved emotional pain to free up energy for physical healing 

  • Simple, powerful techniques you can use at home to help you access to your intuition and further enhance your emotional and physical healing

Lifestyle Lift

Emotional healing is most effective when other aspects of health are being tended to. In these consultations I will support you in caring for your body with a diet, exercise programme and detoxification protocol appropriate for your needs. I will also advise you on creating a healthy home environment, optimising sleep and relaxation, and using the power of nature to heal.

You will discover:

  • Whether your diet and lifestyle are contributing to ill health

  • How simple positive changes to your diet and lifestyle can encourage physical healing

  • How these changes will also support your emotional wellbeing

You will receive:

  • Compassionate listening and care

  •  An understanding of how poor diet and lifestyle practices contribute to ill health

  • Dietary and lifestyle advice tailored to your individual needs

  • Practical guidance including recipes and fitness advice 

  • Written information to further support your change in lifestyle

Details of your consultation

Consultations take place either face-to-face in a cosy consultation room in Richmond, south-west London, or online (Skype or Zoom). Wherever we choose to meet, I will create a safe space for you to relax and share all that you want to.

To make an appointment, please contact me first so that we can pencil in a date.  Once a date has been agreed your appointment will be confirmed after your payment has been received.

“Emotion always has its roots in the unconscious and manifests itself in the body.”

Irene Claremont de Castillejo

2-Month Package

*(to be used within 8 weeks)

Initial Consultation (90 mins) +

  2 x Follow-Up Consultation

(90 mins)


4-Month Package

*(to be used within 16 weeks)

Initial Consultation (90 mins) +

  4 x Follow-Up Consultations
(90 mins)


Follow-up consultation

Available only after either one of the two packages

(90 mins)


*  Within reason, time frames can be adapted according to your individual situation.


Please note that as a natural health practitioner and non-medic I do not claim to diagnose or treat diseases, instead I focus on creating optimal conditions for your body’s own powerful healing abilities to function. 

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