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Your Heart, Your Healer. Part 1

A global awakening

For those who perhaps imagined the name of my organisation, Your Healing Heart, spoke of the trials and tribulations of our emotional hearts and the ways in which we can comfort and heal a saddened heart, in fact, as you’ll discover in this article, it refers to something much greater, describing the ways in which our intelligent hearts hold the key to our global and individual awakening. Your Healing Heart doesn’t speak of how you can heal your heart, quite the reverse. Your Healing Heart speaks of how your heart can heal you.

If ever there was a time when our planet and its people needed healing, it is now. The last year and a bit since Coronavirus-19 first appeared has been tough for all of us and we are only just beginning to understand its far-reaching damaging effects and the extent of the healing and rebuilding that will be required in all sectors of society and all countries for years, if not decades, to come. Apart from the direct effects of the virus on people’s health and livelihoods, there is another aspect of the current crisis that looks set to wound us deeper and for longer. This aspect, not caused by the virus, but somehow emphasised and enhanced by the crisis, is the level of deceit within our governments and the profit-obsessed corporations they work with hand-in hand. Examples of fraudulent behaviour surfacing during the pandemic include manipulation of data (1), suppression of science (2) and serious conflicts of interest (3,4). We are all used to complacency and incompetence within our governments and we turn a blind eye to the dodgy dealings we know occur regularly within the world of big business, but the degree of dishonesty seems to have reached new heights in recent years (5,6) with the profit-before-people stain that has quietly spread, now reaching many organisations and systems underpinning our society. Although not new, unsavoury corporate connections within such organisations seems greater than ever before, and it is this, together with the frightening levels of power and control governments around the world are awarding themselves with, all in the name of coronavirus, that means, for many of us, it is no longer possible to ignore what is in front of our eyes. The millions marching the global streets in protest in recent months is a clear indication of this. My intention for this article is most definitely not to dwell on the dirty dealings of politics and big business, I wouldn't want to depress you. However, mention of the deeper issues serving to exacerbate the corona crisis is important as the first step in any healing journey is facing up to and accepting the truth of ‘what is’. Although the awakening process is painful, we must remember that ultimately it is not only good but absolutely necessary if we are to move forward into better times. Many of us have been asleep for far too long, oblivious to the alarm ringing in our ears, and harrowing as it is, Coronavirus-19 may prove to be just what we needed to shake us awake.

If you have even a vague interest in astrological influences you may know we are currently in the midst of a shift from the age of Pisces that has governed us since around 498 C.E. into the age of Aquarius. Each astrological age lasts for around 2160 years and we therefore won’t pass fully into the new age for some time yet. However, influences of the coming era are felt for several hundred years before cross over occurs and the scientific and technological innovations that are a part of the Aquarian age are already making their mark. The period when one era draws to a close and the new one starts to dawn is always a time of turmoil with uncomfortable shifts occurring as we resist letting go of the old on an individual and global level. This tumultuous situation, the corona crisis just one reflection, is where we find ourselves now.

Pisces, the sign of the fish, stands for faith, belief, sacrifice and religion. It stands for reaching upwards to God in an attempt to overcome the ego and falling to our knees humbly ready to serve. One way we have seen the Piscean energy manifest on the planet during this era is with the firm establishment of the main monotheistic religions. The more negative projections of Pisces are fantasy, delusion and division, and as we have tried to divide ourselves, rejecting the ego and separating it from soul, the spiritual aspect of our being, we have actually strengthened its power as is clearly apparent in our world today.

Jesus has been a highly prominent figure of the Piscean age and, interestingly, the fish is a symbol used by Christians. Christ’s teachings centred around love, kindness and compassion and were aimed at awakening our hearts, we see a similar message at the core of other religions. And yet, as the centuries passed, Jesus’ original teachings and those of other monotheistic religions were twisted and manipulated. Connecting to our hearts, the true access point to Spirit, was discouraged as we were taught to believe a relationship with God was only possible if we obeyed rules set down by religious authority figures. The power of the heart was suppressed by those who wanted the power and control for themselves. It is no coincidence that the cross, which became a symbol of Christianity following the crucifixion, cuts right across the energetic heart at the centre of the chest of anyone laid across it.

Aquarius, known as the Great Awakener, has the sign of the water bearer which symbolises consciousness being poured out to all humanity. Aquarius stands for knowledge, reason, innovation and humanitarianism. Under the Aquarian sign the fruits of the mind will ripen and science will triumph over organised religion, something we are already seeing as people become disillusioned with religion and scientific advances capture our imaginations. However, we need to be careful science doesn’t follow in the footsteps of religion becoming narrow-thinking, dogmatic and heavily influenced by power and ego. If these are the driving forces behind our future technologies, we will be in for trouble. Currently, as the old influences try and hold us in their grip, the true essence of science - open-mindedness, curiosity, imagination and creativity, feels threatened, as we have seen during the pandemic.

If the scientific community can release itself from the sways of profit and ego which lead to bias and suppression, there is great reason to celebrate its new discoveries. Although most are unaware, a revolution is occurring in science and it is already beginning to change our entire view of reality. With the birth of quantum physics around one hundred years ago came the understanding that underlying our seemingly solid universe is a world of energy and information from which the material world manifests. Energy and matter, wave and particle, are interchangeable, actually one and the same, just appearing different according to circumstance. And as the profound understanding that as energy can’t be divided, neither can anything in our material world, starts to integrate within the scientific community, the obvious conclusion that everything is therefore connected, a truth spoken by mystics for millennia, will start to hit home across our wider communities. Our expansive minds have the potential to push us further however, because scientists are now realising that what underlies even the energy and information planes of our existence is consciousness, and higher consciousness or universal consciousness is, for some, just another term for God.

During the Aquarian age, as science and spirituality come together, we will have the potential to use our great minds to finally understand the original teachings that spawned our current main religions, teachings as ancient as time. These teachings speak of Oneness, telling us that everything in the universe, including ourselves, are formed of consciousness and that consciousness is all there is. Such deep understanding will only be possible, however, if we engage our hearts in this process. Our metaphysical heart, the very centre of our being, is the bridge between the material and spiritual and at this meeting point, where the two realms merge and integrate, we find that particle and wave, matter and spirit are actually the one, the same, consciousness. As it is our hearts, increasingly silenced during the Piscean age, that hold the truth of who we are, it is only when we listen to their wisdom that it will become possible to unlock the full potential of our minds and reap the rewards the coming age has to offer.

Many philosophers and mystics, past and present, speak of a new age dawning at this time in history, some relate it to the astrological shifts I have mentioned and others don’t explicitly make this connection. All speak of very difficult times as we move into the new age but there is great optimism for the future beyond the transition.

“Perhaps the single most powerful event facing humanity today is a great awakening on a planetary scale that has been millennia in the making. We humans are in the midst of a profound advance as a species to a higher form of global consciousness that has been emerging across cultures, religions and worldviews through the centuries. This awakening of global consciousness is nothing less than a shift, a maturation, from more egocentric patterns of life to a higher form of integral and dialogic patterns of life.”

Integral philosopher, Ashok Gangadean

One deep thinker looking forward with optimism is Anodea Judith. In her book, ‘The Global Heart Awakens’, she talks about the new age as an era governed by qualities of the heart such as compassion, abundance and justice. As she explores in detail the journey humanity has been on over many centuries, our consciousness evolving during this time, we discover how the thrusting masculine energies that have held us in their grip for over two thousand years bringing linear thinking, striding forward movement, power structures and championing of the self, are being increasingly balanced by the softer, feminine energies which compel us to consider how our thoughts and actions impact not just ourselves, but others too. Many who are reflecting on the current global shifts and looking forward to our future, speak of the significance of the rise of the feminine energies.

As we speak of greater balance between the masculine and the feminine, we find ourselves, once more, in the heart. The metaphysical heart, which oversees and supports the physical heart, is a place where opposite forces - male and female, spirit and earth, wave and particle, settle together. This is one reason the quality of connection is closely associated with the heart, so much so, I often refer to it as our ‘Master Connector’. The heart not only acts as a vessel where opposites connect and find harmony, it also actively connects us in other ways, for example the electromagnetic energies that emanate from the heart act as a connecting force for different organs and systems of our body, allowing coherent functioning of the body as a whole. These energies also extend beyond the body contributing to our connection and communication with other living beings.

If we really are moving towards a heart-influenced era of greater connection and harmony, this is cause for great hope, and, despite the current divisions so noticeable in our world right now, we are seeing plenty of evidence of this. Protection of the planet, racial tolerance and gender equality have recently become issues high on the agenda of governments and other organisations, and although one sometimes wonders at the motivation behind big corporations joining these causes, the positive changes we are beginning to observe in the higher tier organisations are a reflection of deeper changes in society. We are seeing a greater respect for nature and a desire to protect the environment, growing importance of child welfare, animal welfare and the welfare of all vulnerable in society (yes, I know there is still a long way to go). Women’s rights, ethnic minority rights and the rights of those of all sexual orientations are moving centre stage. And there is a surge in the appreciation of community and the value of small local enterprises. The arts are evolving as we see more of our creatives expressing their connection to various causes and so is science as the realisation dawns that in fact it’s not competition but cooperation that drives evolution. All these developments, bubbling away at the grassroots for many decades, are signs of the heart’s call for greater balance and connection. This is a call more of us are beginning to hear.

It is reassuring to think of life on our planet evolving in the direction of unity and togetherness, but the darker Piscean influences of division and separation are still being felt and the stark reality of widening economic and financial gaps, political gaps, health gaps, educational gaps and gaps in the way different people view the world, something that has caused division, even within families, during the pandemic, shows many people are still caught up in the old energy. The fact that mental health problems are a greater issue than ever before attests to this. So, what can we do to nurture ourselves during these difficult times? And is there anything we can do help humanity transition into the new age more smoothly? These are important questions, and perhaps you’ll be unsurprised to learn, that the answer to both, lies within our hearts.

As I have mentioned, the heart is the meeting point for matter and spirit and it is when we connect with our hearts that we can access the wisdom held by the spiritual aspect of our being. In the second part of this article, I will discuss how we can learn to listen to this inner wisdom allowing it to act as our trusty guide throughout life. We will discover that when we follow the heart’s path, the healing we need, whether for our body, mind or spirit, will come to us naturally and without effort. In this part of the article, we are focused on collective healing, but the truth about healing on a global scale, is that we support this most effectively by healing our individual selves. Remember, we are all One, all intimately energetically connected, even though we may not know it, and when we heal ourselves, we automatically heal the whole of humanity. This means everything I will discuss in the next article about self-healing will be just as important for collective healing. Having said that, there are additional simple steps we can take to enhance global healing and again, because we are all One, these will contribute to our individual healing process.

There is a cute little saying: ‘Energy flows where attention goes’ and, in a nutshell, this tells us most of what we need to know about healing. If we allow our attention to wander mindlessly, we’ll find it often drawn towards the dramatic aspects of life (we are wired to enjoy the stimulation drama brings). The trouble is, the dramatic events of life are the ones that carry most stress and if we focus our attention on these events, their energy will grow, attracting more of the same. At the beginning of this article, I said the first step in any healing journey is facing up to and accepting ‘what is’, this is very true, denial never gets us far. However, while it is important that we are honest with ourselves about what is occurring, once we have gathered this information, we thrive by focusing on solutions. Solutions look different depending on the individual circumstance. Sometimes the solution is to spend more time with the challenging emotions triggered by the stressful event, delving deep to discover the buried treasure in our pain. As I’ll discuss next time, such inner work is an important part of our healing. In between this deeper work, however, it is beneficial to bring our attention to, and direct the creative energy towards the positive aspects of any situation. And there are always positive aspects, even in the darkest of times. Take the corona crisis. I have already highlighted how it is causing much fear and concern, but at the same time, as I have also said, it is providing momentum to the unfolding heart energies on our planet, helping us wake up and come together. If we put our attention on these aspects rather than fighting what we don’t like, because, in the words of another saying: ‘what you resist, persists’, then our efforts will go much further in achieving positive change.

In keeping our mindset positive, one thing we must hold dear is the understanding that it is always possible to create our own little haven of peace and tranquillity, no matter what horrors are going on around us, not by ignoring or denying the truth, but by choosing where we place our attention. Bearing this in mind, I have outlined some key action points to help you maintain a sunny outlook during challenging times and in turn raise the vibration of the whole of humanity.

  1. If you feel you want to stay up-to-date with the current goings on in the world, even if it involves unpleasant news stories, then do. Being informed is a good thing (up to a point). However, I recommend you limit the time you watch, listen or read about these events to a short period. Take the absolute minimum information you need then move on, resisting the temptation to get drawn into the drama. Also, choose media outlets that give a balanced view rather than always focusing on the negative aspects of a story. Be mindful of how following the news is impacting your mood. If you feel yourself being dragged down, it may be best to stop engaging for a while. The same goes for social media, a place where negative drama abounds – be very careful that any social media activity leaves you feeling buoyed rather than depressed.

  2. If current world events are triggering you, causing challenging emotions to arise, don’t ignore this. Our emotions are our messengers and they need our full attention. I will talk more about how you can support yourself in this situation in the second part of this article but just to say now, there are many therapies that can help you process and clear difficult emotions, including talking therapies and energy psychology therapies (my favourite being Matrix Reimprinting)

  3. Be aware that the stress we are under as a result of our challenging times can place a great burden on our bodies and minds. It is therefore very important that we nurture ourselves as much as possible – we can’t help humanity if we don’t look after ourselves first. Make sure you include as many feel-good activities in your daily routine as possible. These can include spending time with loved ones, listening to music, eating healthy tasty food, exercising, pampering our bodies and reading inspiring books. Another incredibly important way we can improve our well being is by spending time in nature. Nature is our greatest healer and I strongly encourage you to connect with it in some way every day, even if that just means talking to your house plants.

  4. In order to take our sense of well being to the next level, we need to get inspired. The literal meaning of inspire is to ‘draw in spirit’, and connection with spirit is fundamental for health and well being, whether we are aware of this or not. We can connect to spirit, or life force energy, in many ways – we are all inspired by different things, but examples again include spending time in nature, listening to moving music, engaging with beautiful artwork, reading poetry and anything else that touches our heart (the place where we connect with spirit). For inspiration specifically related to the current global awakening, there are several wonderful books that discuss this issue, and I have listed a couple below. There are also a growing number of groups and communities doing good work to support the planetary changes, whether through environmental work, meditation, or spreading love and kindness by helping the vulnerable. Do some research and find the groups that resonate with you.

  5. Once you have taken steps to enhance your well being and are feeling inspired, now you are ready to support global awakening in a more direct way. This you can do using heart meditation practiced on a regular basis. If meditation is something you are familiar with, I suggest you continue with your regular meditation but focus on your heart by imagining loving light from Source entering your heart centre (middle of your chest). Allow this light to nourish your own heart initially and then send it out to all of humanity, seeing it envelope and nurture all living beings. If meditation is something you are unfamiliar with, you might like to start with my Simple Heart Meditation to be found in the Heart section of my website Resources.

The corona crisis and the underhand activities it is bringing to the fore still loom large. With growing economic problems, health concerns and serious restrictions on our lives these are certainly challenging times. But they are also incredibly exciting times. I have heard many great teachers discussing how, at this point in history, we are being presented with an unprecedented opportunity for spiritual evolution and I don’t know about you, but I feel electrified by this thought! Personal inspiration and the drawing down of spirit, through our hearts and out into the world, is what will allow this planetary shift to occur and to support this process, I encourage you to place your attention on the amazing silver linings that are revealing themselves at this time. To finish this article, I hope to add to your feed of inspiration by including a few heart-opening words of a previously mentioned favourite teacher of mine, Anodea Judith. Until next time, keep the faith and trust your heart, all is well.

“The human drama is reaching its denouement. The great unveiling is approaching, a time when the power structures of the world begin to crumble and people of the heart sing out a new truth. Many voices are joining the chorus, many feet are walking the path, many minds are dreaming possibilities for a magnificent future. For beneath the crises that are looming at every level of civilization, the global heart is awakening, beating out the rhythm of a new and glorious dance, calling us to a better way of living.”

Anodea Judith


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