The Heart's Path

The path

All any of us want is to be happy. Everything we desire, we desire because we believe it will enhance our emotional wellbeing. Even when we strive to help others, we look forward to the joy that naturally flows as we help lighten the load of someone in need. The principal things we crave in order to be happy are love, health, purpose and abundance. When we are missing these things, even just one, we feel our life is broken and healing is in order.


The Heart’s Path helps you achieve healing and attract those things you desire. It’s deeper purpose, however, is to awaken you to the truth that you, or your life are never broken, in fact you are ALWAYS precisely where you need to be, with infinite resources available to enable you to create the life you want.  

The heart's path is straightforward. However, until we learn to follow its trail, we may find our healing journey challenging and complex. Challenges are a part of every human life (although, as the heart reveals, they are growth opportunities in disguise) and complexity arises because it is our nature to resist what we don't like.  

If you are striving for physical health and emotional wellbeing but are finding the journey tough going, maybe now is the time to give yourself a break and embark on the easiest path home. All it takes is for you to follow four simple steps.... 

"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye."

Antoine de Saint--Exupery (from The Little Prince)

Four simple steps

1. Engage the heart

Recent research from the renowned HeartMath Institute shows the heart picks up signals from the unconscious aspect of our being before the brain does. When we quieten our mind and closely attune to our feelings - physical sensations, emotions and intuitive inklings - all whisperings of the heart, we access the infinite inner wisdom that lies within us all. I have witnessed many times that when people use their heart to guide healing choices and life decisions, they make choices that are perfect for them. 

Engaging the heart is a simple process. It involves intention - the deep desire and commitment to work with the heart, and it involves quietening the thinking mind so the heart, which communicates on a more subtle level, can be felt. 

2. Let go of all resistance 

Science reveals a state of relaxation is most conducive to physical and emotional healing, whereas stress undermines and damages many of the systems that allow us to recover and maintain our health. Every time we resist a situation in our life, we create stress in our bodies and many of us hold a great deal of tension as we look around and find things in our lives not to like. During my time supporting those with serious illness, it has become clear to me that those able to start by accepting their current state of health, working with the body rather than fighting against it, are more likely to recover their health.


Learning to 'accept what is' takes practice and most people find they benefit hugely from the support of a practitioner for this step. I work with people to explore why they are resisting a particular situation (often the reason is deeper than one might imagine) and then using techniques explained in the next step, I help an individual shift their energy, and as a result their feelings about their situation. This is very effective when combined with a regular gratitude practice.   

3. Shift the energy

In all forms of traditional medicine, the body's energy systems are of central importance. This has not been the case in modern Western medicine, however science is finally catching up with old wisdom, and interest in the body's energy fields (biofields) is growing. As it becomes possible to measure biofields, we are seeing confirmation of ancient ideas, such as energy blockages associated with unprocessed trauma.


Physical and emotional recovery are hampered by energy blockages, and helping individuals shift stuck energy is an important part of my work. For this I teach breathing and meditation techniques, and combine this with Energy Psychology (I use Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting) and healing. With these powerful techniques, people can shift the way they feel about a situation and move forward with positive beliefs about themselves and their lives. The fantastic thing about these techniques is, once learned, the individual can use them alone whenever required.

4. Follow your heart

Step 4 is a continuation of step 1. In other words, once you have committed to listening to your heart and learnt how to tune to its messages, you need to continue doing so regularly. At first, faith may be required when following your heart's guidance, but with time, as you realise the value of your heart's support, you won't ever want to be without it.


When you tune in and listen to the whisperings of your heart, and you use them to guide your moment-to-moment actions, you will naturally find yourself on a path perfect for you.

Nurturing your whole being


Every aspect of the self - body, mind and spirit, interconnect, and when you care for one aspect, you naturally enhance health of the whole self. In order to encourage emotional and spiritual healing, it is important to tell your body you are caring for it in all ways - by eating well, exercising, cleansing toxins, and resting deeply. When you do this, resilience levels increase and you will be ready to journey into your heart for deeper healing. For lifestyle support, I use a system developed through my cancer work - the Seven Elements of Healing. This system addresses all aspects of lifestyle and every level of self - body, mind and spirit.

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