About me

Hi, I'm Liz Butler and I have a passion for helping individuals recognise the power they hold over their own health, happiness and life.


For the last 20 years I have supported those with cancer and other serious illnesses using diet, lifestyle and mind-body techniques. My science background has helped qualify me to do this work - a degree in in Biochemistry, a diploma in Nutritional Therapy, and a Masters degree in Nutritional Medicine, however, it is my life experience and personal study on topics related to mind and spirit, that has taught me most about what it is that encourages healing.

I have long been interested in the idea that unresolved emotional pain lies at the core of much physical illness. As a HeartMath Coach, I support people in connecting to their heart, the source of our intuition, in order to explore these deeper issues, and my training as an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting practitioner allows me to encourage the release of old emotional pain and trauma, freeing up energy for healing. 


During my time as an independent practitioner, I have spent time working as part of a multi-disciplinary therapy team for larger organisations, including Penny Brohn Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Haven. In addition, I have lectured on the subject of natural healing and cancer at various colleges and contributed to several scientific papers. Some years ago I wrote the nutrition chapter for the book Enhancing Cancer Care, Complementary Therapy and Support, and currently I am writing a book on the healing power of the heart.


To find out more about my approach to healing, and learn about HeartMath, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, please keep reading.

"There is no need to run outside for better seeing nor to peer from a window.  Rather abide at the centre of your being; for the more you leave it, the less you learn. Search your heart and see, if he is wise who take each turn: the way to do is to be".

Lao Tzu

My approach to healing

Letting go of resistance to 'what is'

During the time I have been supporting those with serious illness to make positive lifestyle changes, I have witnessed amazing health transformations and it has been clear that those who are able to start by accepting their current state of health, and then work with the body rather than fight against it, are more likely to recover their physical health. One of the first steps when I work with individuals is to provide support in letting go of resistance to 'what is', allowing the person to shift into a state of calm acceptance. This state is naturally conducive to healing.  

Reconnecting with your heart

Recent research from the renowned HeartMath Institute has shown that the heart picks up signals from our unconscious before the brain does, and that when we quieten our mind and become more aware of our emotions (the language of the heart), we gain access to the infinite inner wisdom that lies within us all. I have seen that when people use their intuition to guide their healing choices and life decisions, they are able to confidently make the choices that are perfect for them. For this reason, a lot of focus is given to accessing intuition when I work with individuals.

When you live in a state of full awareness of your thoughts, your emotions and your bodily sensations, and you use them to guide your moment-to-moment actions, you will naturally find yourself on a path that is perfect for you.

Releasing stuck energy

In all forms of traditional medicine, the energy systems of the body are given much consideration. Until now this has not been the case in modern Western medicine, however science is finally catching up with ancient wisdom, and measurement of the body's energy fields (biofields) has become possible. As our understanding of biofields grows, we begin to see confirmation of old ideas, such as the concept of stuck emotional energy when pain and trauma are incompletely processed. I have seen how those wishing to recover from physical and emotional illness are often held back by unprocessed pain causing blockages in their energy systems, and helping people to release stuck energy is an important part of my work. For this I teach breathing and meditation techniques and combine this with Energy Psychology (I use the practices of Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting).

Nurturing the whole self

Every aspect of the self - body, mind and spirit, are interconnected and when you care for one aspect, you naturally enhance health of the whole self. In order to encourage emotional healing it is important to send the message to the body that you are caring for it in all ways - by eating well, exercising, cleansing the body of toxins, and resting deeply. When you do this, resilience levels will increase and you will be well equipped to journey into your heart for deeper healing. For lifestyle support, I use a system I developed through my cancer work, known as the 7 Elements of Healing. This system addresses all aspects of lifestyle and every level of of the self - body, mind and spirit.

7 Elements of Healing

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