Your Healing Heart

Awakening your Inner Guru for Optimal Wellness

Many people are dealing with difficult circumstances in their life right now. Are you one of those people? Perhaps you are living with a chronic illness but struggling to find the support that goes beyond just treating symptoms. Or maybe you are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety which compromise your life quality? Perhaps you can’t pinpoint the problem but feel out-of-sorts, a little lost and without a clear idea of how to reconnect with joy?


I have spent the last 22 years working with those searching for healing, whether for their body, mind or soul. Using my skills as a nutritional therapist, energy psychologist and healer, I have helped many people, from those with serious diseases such as cancer, to those managing painful emotional experiences, walk a journey back to health and wholeness.

Power of your heart

As well as my training and experience, I have one resource that, above all others, has the power to positively change a person’s situation. After a lifetime exploring what makes our lives better, I have come to appreciate that only by following our inner guidance, accessed through the heart, can we tap into our true and inherent power.


I bring this understanding into all the work I do and based on my experience have developed The Heart's Path to allow you to engage the infinite power and wisdom of your heart. By following this path, you will find ways to resolve unprocessed pain, access the healing you need, and create a deeply fulfilling life.


Ancient wisdom teaches us the heart is the gateway to our higher consciousness. When we learn to be still and listen to the quiet whisper of our heart, we will gain access to the TRUTH of who we are and find the support and guidance we need in any situation.

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My mission is to help people tap into their healing heart energy for physical/emotional wellbeing and life empowerment.

For true healing, the heart must be engaged. Without engaging the heart, your healing journey is being led by the mind. But your mind can only see so far and only knows so much. The heart sees everything, understands it all, and knows what’s best for you in every moment.”

Liz Butler


Heart's Path

I will support you in discovering the inner voice that speaks via your heart. I will teach you how to listen to its guidance and navigate the path of physical and emotional healing it lays out for you. We will explore challenging emotions that may serve as obstacles along the way and strategies will be used - breathing techniques, meditation and Energy Psychology (I use Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting) to process past traumas and repressed emotions. You will be given home-practice tools to support each step of your journey,  as well as maintain a sense of clarity and calm. 

Lifestyle Lift

Emotional healing is most effective when other aspects of health are being tended to. If you need help in caring for your physical wellbeing, I will support you with a diet, exercise programme and detoxification protocol appropriate for your needs. I will also advise you on creating a healthy home environment, optimising sleep and relaxation, and using the power of nature to heal. Lifestyle Lift may form part of your Heart's Path, or you may feel you only want to address physical health at this time. In that case, Lifestyle Lift will become the focus of our work together.

Your heart already possesses the answers you need for healing and an empowered life. Are you ready to discover them?


From my Blog

Your Heart, Your Healer. Part 1

My organisation's title, Your Healing Heart, doesn’t speak of how you can heal your heart, quite the reverse. It actually speaks of how your heart can heal you.


Introducing the HeartMath Institute

The HeartMath Institute has conducted some of the world's most innovative research on the heart and its energy field. As a HeartMath Coach, I regularly incorporate their findings into my therapy work, as well as my writings on the heart. 

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“For me, this has been a life-changing experience. Learning how to tune-in to my intuition and follow its guidance has created positive changes in so many areas of my life. Not only has my physical health improved, I feel I am developing a deeper emotional and spiritual awareness. Life feels richer, calmer and more balanced again, thank-you Liz”