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Power of your heart

 Ancient wisdom teaches that the heart is the gateway into our higher consciousness and when we listen to our heart by paying close attention to our emotions, we will find the guidance we need in any situation.

Often we try to ignore the emotions that are challenging to us. But emotional suppression creates energy blockages which can lead to physical illness, as science now confirms.

In my work I have learnt that honouring the messages of the heart, and resolving unprocessed emotional pain are the most powerful ways to encourage physical healing.

“It is the abandonment of the seat of feelings, the repression and denial of the heart that is at the centre of most illness and disease.”

Dr Mark Sircus. HeartHealth - The Vulnerability of Being


Healing Heart 
Lifestyle Lift

In these consultations I will support you in exploring any challenging emotions you are dealing with. Various strategies will be used such as breathing techniques, meditation and Energy Psychology (I use Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Reimprinting) to process any past traumas and repressed emotions, as well as reduce stress and bring a sense of calm. At all times we will work with you heart's energy in order to obtain guidance from your inner wisdom.

Emotional healing is most effective when other aspects of health are being tended to. In these consultations I will support you in caring for your body with a diet, exercise programme and detoxification protocol appropriate for your needs. I will also advise you on creating a healthy home environment, optimising sleep and relaxation, and using the power of nature to heal.

"I have been suffering with sinus problems for many years and after just 1 session with Liz my symptoms have almost gone. I had no idea my physical problems related to emotional pain, it's been a revelation."


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